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The Cooling Impact of Trees in Cities

In 2022 Seattle broke its historical record for most 90-degree days in a year. Then, as early as mid-May of this year, millions of people were placed under heat advisories as a heat wave brought record-breaking temperatures to parts of the Northwest. Summers of sizzling heat remind us that our… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrate Earth Day with Seattle Parks & Recreation

2022 Earth Week, April 19th – 23rd Since 1970, Earth Day has occurred each year on April 22 to help bring awareness and offer opportunities to learn about and give back to your environment. This year, join Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Environmental Sustainability, Education and Engagement Unit for fun Earth… [ Keep reading ]

Boost Biodiversity Knowledge with the City Nature Challenge

This April 29 – May 2, Seattle Parks and Recreation will be joining the Woodland Park Zoo and other partners to get community scientists out in our parks to gather data on the plants and animals (and other life) that call Seattle home. The annual City Nature Challenge invites people… [ Keep reading ]

Supporting a Healthy Environment in 2021

By Todd Burley At Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR), we define a healthy environment as a thriving ecosystem where everyone has equitable use of, and responsibility for, public spaces. It is a healthy urban forest that cleans the air and soil and serves as a natural sanctuary for people and… [ Keep reading ]

Waste Not

By Todd Burley Today is Global Recycling Day, and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is looking at how we can improve our waste diversion in our parks. In 2021 we partnered with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to conduct a waste audit at four athletic fields – Magnuson Park, Woodland Park,… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Resilient Parks: Tomorrow (3 of 3)

By Todd Burley The impact of climate change is being felt here in Seattle today, and Seattle Parks and Recreation is already taking many actions to adapt to hotter and drier summers, wildfire smoke, intense winter rain events, and sea level rise. Yet we realize that this new reality will… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Resiliency: Acting Today for Tomorrow (2 of 3)

By Todd Burley Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is not immune from the impacts of climate change, as we described in the last blog post in our Climate Resiliency series, Climate Resiliency: Impacts to Seattle’s Parks and Recreation System. Extreme heat, sea level rise, intense rain events, and more are… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Resilience: Impacts to Seattle’s Parks and Recreation System (1 of 3)

By Todd Burley The climate is changing, this is clear. According to the 2021 Climate Change: The Physical Science Basis report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere… [ Keep reading ]

Beyond the Fairways: Wildlife Habitat in Golf Courses

By Greg Van Hollebeke, Rocky Tharp, Michael Yadrick, and Todd Burley When most people think of parks, they don’t initially picture golf courses, but Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) manages four courses – West Seattle, Interbay, Jefferson, and Jackson Golf Courses – that provide recreational opportunities for many. In fact,… [ Keep reading ]

Making Every Drop Count: Water Management at Seattle Parks and Recreation

By Karen Galt and Todd Burley Plants need water, and those that are subject to heavy use like turf grasses require even more to remain healthy. Every year, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) uses nearly 176 million gallons of water for irrigation in our 6,414-acre park system! We work daily… [ Keep reading ]