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Earth Week is Here!

Seattle Parks and Recreation is celebrating Earth Day and Month with a week of virtual and in-person activities to connect people to the planet and each other. Join us! Visit to learn about the latest Earth Week activities! Earth Day Kits and Virtual Activities Our Rec’N the Streets program will be… [ Keep reading ]

Storing Carbon is Cool

By Todd Burley, Lisa Ciecko, and Craig Chatburn The City of Seattle has signed on to the Paris Climate Accord and is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as part of a global community. Much of our effort is dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions through transportation and building… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Resilient Parks & Recreation

By Todd Burley and Cynthia McCoy Earth’s climate is changing. The science is clear, and the imperative to act is imminent, both to reduce our carbon emissions and to prepare for the impacts of this changing climate. The World Meteorological Organization, in its 2019 report, states, “Science tells us that,… [ Keep reading ]

Climate-Friendly Facilities

By Todd Burley and Jacob Daley The world is warming, the climate is changing, and humans are the cause of this shift of geologic proportions. The science is clear, as detailed in the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “Global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between… [ Keep reading ]

Take a Hike (in the City)

By Todd Burley Seattle is known as a great place to access the great outdoors that surround us in our national parks and forests. Yet you can connect to nature right here in the city through our robust network of trails that course through our 4,000 acres of natural areas…. [ Keep reading ]

Beach Clean SOS

By Patti Bakker and Todd Burley The intertidal zone is notoriously vibrant and elusive, shifting from underwater to exposed twice a day and impacted by the seasonal shifts of varying tides that offer gentle waves worthy of a sound machine or massive rollers that can lift whole logs. It is… [ Keep reading ]

Environmental Education…Six Feet Apart

By Todd Burley Spring is upon us, and the birds and blossoms are returning to Seattle’s parks. This is typically a great time to get out and learn about urban nature with Seattle Parks and Recreation’s naturalists and educators. Yet COVID-19 health restrictions have required our environmental education programs to… [ Keep reading ]

Nature Nurtures: The Benefits of Urban Parks

Intuitively, we know that time spent outdoors in nature is beneficial. Stressed out? A walk in the park might be just what you need. Given a choice between a jog in a park or a run around an indoor track, most will choose to be outdoors. Add in a pandemic… [ Keep reading ]

Creating a Healthy Environment Amidst a Pandemic

By Todd Burley Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) supports Healthy People, a Healthy Environment, and Strong Communities through all our work. In 2020 this effort took on a whole new meaning, as the benefits of parks became even more evident and Seattleites looked to our public open spaces to seek… [ Keep reading ]

Summer in the Parks program: bringing environmental education to low-income communities

Summer in the Parks is a seven-week drop-in program developed and run by Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Environmental Sustainability Education and Engagement (ESEE) unit. Working with our Out of School Time Office, ESEE staff provided free, weekly environmental education programming for participants in our Summer Food Service and Extended Recreation… [ Keep reading ]