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Tree Management in Seattle’s Parks

By Nicholas Johnson and Todd Burley While walking through your favorite park you may come across a pile of mulch where there used to be a tree. What happened? You liked that tree! Isn’t Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) trying to add trees, not take them down? Maybe you notice a large cedar… [ Keep reading ]

Why is the Grass Long?

By Todd Burley If you are out and about in some of our parks, you might notice longer grass in areas where it was usually mowed. This is intentional! Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is piloting a shift in our turf management practices to improve habitat for declining pollinators, save… [ Keep reading ]

Urban Forest Restoration – The Success (and Challenges) of Seattle’s Green Seattle Partnership

By Michael Yadrick, Lisa Ciecko, and Todd Burley People have always had a relationship with Seattle’s forests, although it has shifted over time. This past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social isolation, has underscored how essential the 2,754 acres of natural areas in Seattle are to our health… [ Keep reading ]

A Trail in Our Woods – The Cheasty Mountain Bike Trail Gains Traction in Southeast Seattle

By Mike Schwindeller, David Graves, and Todd Burley A look at a satellite view of Seattle will reveal several long strips of forest that to many are unknown and underappreciated. These linear green spaces exist in part due to the hilly geography of Seattle, as most are on steep slopes… [ Keep reading ]

Much Mulch Matters

By Todd Burley and Craig Chatburn The ground we all walk on is not just dirt, it is a complex network of relationships that is the foundation of our ecosystem. Soil is brimming with life, made up of a combination of organic and inorganic matter, fungi, insects, bacteria, and much… [ Keep reading ]

Managing Pests with the Environment in Mind

By Patti Bakker and Todd Burley Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) stewards nearly 12% of property in Seattle. As part of this stewardship it is our responsibility to manage these lands and waters in a way that supports both the people that use them and the ecosystems within them. The… [ Keep reading ]

Meadows Management in Seattle’s Parks

By Todd Burley, Brian Gay, Patti Bakker, and Craig Chatburn Ecologically, Seattle is known as a place of towering trees and majestic waterways. Also hidden within many parks are meandering meadows that provide areas of respite and critical habitat for many species. In fact, some places such as the current… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Justice in Seattle’s Parks

By Belinda Chin and Todd Burley with contributions from B Hill Climate change has impacted people in many ways – from more extreme heat events and increased air pollution with wildfire smoke to rising sea levels and king tide events in vulnerable areas (see Google Earth Time-lapse for 40 years… [ Keep reading ]

Earth Week is Here!

Seattle Parks and Recreation is celebrating Earth Day and Month with a week of virtual and in-person activities to connect people to the planet and each other. Join us! Visit to learn about the latest Earth Week activities! Earth Day Kits and Virtual Activities Our Rec’N the Streets program will be… [ Keep reading ]

Storing Carbon is Cool

By Todd Burley, Lisa Ciecko, and Craig Chatburn The City of Seattle has signed on to the Paris Climate Accord and is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as part of a global community. Much of our effort is dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions through transportation and building… [ Keep reading ]