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Seattle Parks and Recreation pilots water-saving irrigation technology

Kubota Garden is a stunning 20-acre landscape that blends Japanese garden concepts with native Northwest plants. This tranquil garden, hidden in South Seattle, is also where Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) staff have begun piloting an innovative water-saving irrigation technology: subsurface drip irrigation to water turf. SPR has used subsurface drip irrigation previously to irrigate our shrub beds, but this is the first time we are attempting to use the technology on our turf.

Subsurface drip irrigation is a high efficiency irrigation system that uses buried tubes to water plants, which saves water by eliminating surface water evaporation. SPR partnered with Netafim USA, a long-time manufacturer of efficient irrigation system components, to install the new pilot system on April 24.

SPR staff will monitor the site over the irrigation season to assess how it is performing for landscape health and overall water use. We are also working with Seattle Public Utilities to create educational materials to inform the public about this energy-efficient irrigation method.

Learn more about drip irrigation systems, as well as how you can use water wisely and save money on your water bill at the Saving Water Partnership website: