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Apply for 2022-2023 Seattle Parks Financial Aid Scholarship Program

Enabled by the Seattle Park District fund, Seattle Parks and Recreation’s scholarship program makes financial aid available for individuals and families who want to attend our programs and activities. The aid is based on income and family size, and is available to anyone who qualifies, including seniors and people with… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites input on how to better provide programs and facilities for people with disabilities

Are you or a family member a person who cares about services for people living with a disability? Seattle Parks and Recreation(SPR) wants to know how we can better support you in our programs and facilities. SPR invites the community to a focus group on Monday, March 12, 2018 from… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Parks and Recreation offers scholarships for recreation programming

Seattle Parks and Recreation values access and opportunity and it’s the department’s goal not to turn any individual away who wants to participate in SPR programs. As part of the 2016 Park District spending plan, Seattle Parks and Recreation will partner with the Associated Recreation Council in the creation of… [ Keep reading ]