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Raising the Green Flag at Seward Park

By Todd Burley

Sign reading Seward Park

Seattle has about 500 public parks, and they all offer something special to residents and visitors alike. Yet Seward Park stands out (and up!) as a remarkable place that has offered recreation and respite for over 100 years. In recognition of this, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is submitting Seward Park to receive a Green Flag Award in 2024.

The Green Flag Award is an international parks excellence standard that recognizes parks that are well maintained, offer diverse opportunities, and support sustainable operations. To date, only The Presidio in San Francisco has received this award in our country. If Seward Park succeeds, it would be the first municipal park in the country to receive the Green Flag Award.

Seward Park offers so much to the community. Over 200 acres of old growth forest, meadows, and other habitat. Tennis courts, playground, swimming beaches, and trails for recreation. The Audubon Center and Clay Studio offer educational opportunities. Picnic shelters and the amphitheater offer places to gather and connect. Whether walking the perimeter loop or paddle boarding in Andrews Bay, there is something for everyone.

For decades Seward Park has welcomed people in our community from all backgrounds. Dozens of events choose it as their template. Families gather to celebrate graduations and birthdays. Groups meet to walk or hike, swim, or just connect. It is truly the “third place” that the Olmsted Brothers, who envisioned the park, intended for public parks to be.

So, as we embark on this award process, SPR wanted to ask you what your thoughts are about Seward Park. What is working well? What can be improved? What is your vision for Seward Park’s future?

Take 10 minutes to fill out our Seward Park Survey >>

Your answers to this short survey will help inform our application and give us a detailed understanding of the public’s view of this iconic park. Please spread the word! The survey will be open until 10/31/2023.

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