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Upcoming Nature and Environment Classes

Don’t miss the fun this weekend with Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Environmental Education Team. Get out in nature and explore!

Saturday June 17th

  • Low tide Beach Walk at Golden Gardens 10am – Noon
  • Beavers, the Engineers of our Park Wetlands – Golden Gardens 2-4pm

Sunday June 18th

  • Low tide Beach Walk at Charles Ritchey Beach Park 10:30am – 12:30
  • Native Plant and Forest Ecology at Camp Long 2:30 – 4:00pm

To register for these classes, search Seattle Parks and Recreation’s registration portal using keywords nature and/or environment. Sign in, or if this is your first time registering for classes with the latest software, create an account. Once you are logged in you can choose your programs and pay online.

Classes are available for families, toddles, youth and teens – find the program that is best for your family.  $10 per person and be ready to learn, explore, enjoy nature and walk about a mile. Scholarships apply. Seattle Parks and Recreation offers multiple Nature and Environmental Education classes and programs in parks all over the city.

If you are having difficulty searching for nature programs online call Camp Long Environmental Learning Center (206) 684-7434 or Discovery Park Visitor Center (206) 386-4236 and one of our front desk attendants can search programming for you. We hope to see you at a program soon.

Two kids standing on a beach during low tide with an adult
Group of young people outdoors on a trail surrounded by trees
Students doing an experiment while seated at a picnic table outdoors