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Ballard Commons Park Reopening on March 11, 2023

Ballard Commons Park (5701 22nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107) will reopen to the public on March 11, 2023.  

Seattle Parks and Recreation and Councilmember Strauss are excited to announce the reopening of Ballard Commons Park! In December 2021, Seattle Parks and Recreation closed Ballard Commons Park to undertake several park remediation and improvement projects. 

“Every Seattle community deserves a great Seattle park in their neighborhood,” said Mayor Bruce Harrell. “I’m excited for Ballard kids, families, and neighbors who will now be able to enjoy a reopened and restored Ballard Commons Park following needed renovations and improvements. Leading with community input, we will continue to revitalize and strengthen parks, playfields, and public spaces across our city, making them welcoming, activated, clean and accessible to all.” 

“Ballard Commons Park’s grand reopening is our recommitment to ensure the park is truly a community commons. This marks the third year of my four-year plan to revitalize the park and downtown Ballard. The next steps include the children’s playground with construction beginning in June, the family-affordable housing at St. Luke’s Church with construction beginning in September, and the construction of the new sanctuary of St. Luke’s Church beginning next January. It is my mission to create a space in the park for every age and the ability for folks to stay, engage, and enjoy our urban park,” said Councilmember Dan Strauss.  

“We appreciate the patience of neighbors and our community as we have taken time to address damage within the park and to install needed improvements. We look forward to coming together with businesses, neighbors, and families to celebrate the park’s reopening and our shared vision for a vibrant and shining park system where community can come together. Seattle Parks and Recreation is committed to providing a safe and active park for the Ballard community for years to come,” said Superintendent AP Diaz.  

During this time Seattle Parks and Recreation completed the following work: 

  • Tree plantings 
  • Full routine maintenance
    • Daily litter and garbage removed 
    • Daily hazardous material removed  
    • Weekly mowing and turf management in season 
    • Pressure washed hard surfaces 
    • Shrub bed management 
  • Grass turf renovated  
  • Winterization of Portland Loo and placement of sanicans and handwashing stations 
  • Conversion of pedestrian lighting to LED 
  • Installation of festival string lighting 
  • Renovation of spray feature electrical and plumbing  
  • Graffiti removal 
  • Skate bowl grouting 
  • Café style lighting installed 
  • 5 new benches are being installed 
  • Irrigation installation to support new trees 
  • Continued progress toward play area project (permits submitted, bidding expected early in 2023, with construction in second half of 2023). 

 This closure also allowed for Seattle Parks and Recreation to work together with community partners, the Ballard Alliance, and Councilmember Strauss to developa park activation plan that will partner with community and business to ensure that Ballard Commons is vibrant, safe, and inviting.  

“The Ballard community is excited to see the re-opening of Ballard Commons Park. The improvements made will enhance the experience for park-goers and we look forward to celebrating the return of this vital space in downtown Ballard that can be enjoyed by all for its intended use,” said Ballard Alliance Executive Director Mike Stewart. 

Seattle Parks and Recreation is partnering with Councilmember Strauss and the Ballard Alliance to hold a two-day park Grand Re-opening celebration March 11 and 12. The event will take place at Ballard Commons Park and include:  

  • Seattle Fire Department fire truck exposition 
  • Youth soccer clinic hosted by the Ballard F.C. 
  • Activity Fair highlighting local organizations and businesses 
  • Skateboarding sessions with the Ballard Thrashers Skateboard Club 
  • Musical performances by the School of Rock, Adams Elementary School Choir, and other local artists 

Going forward Ballard Commons will host regular activation events open to neighbors and community, along with the presence of a park concierge and musical performances by buskers. If you wish to hold a community event at Ballard Commons, please email