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Pier 58 removal in progress; waterside work from barge expected Saturday and Sunday

The City’s Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects will begin removal of Pier 58 this weekend. Engineers have observed increasing movement and deterioration of the pier structure and continue to monitor the pier closely. Due to the accelerated deterioration of the pier, the contractor is advancing critical work over the weekend, using appropriate protocols given the current smoke emergency.  

Removal of the pier is largely done waterside from a barge that arrived on September 4. The City will remove as much of the pier deck, piles and structures as necessary to ensure site safety. We will continue construction seven days a week, during daylight hours, until further notice. Pier 58 removal is expected to be completed by early 2021. 

Pedestrian access to all businesses will be maintained throughout pier removal. Pier 58 is located between the Seattle Aquarium and Pier 57 (Miner’s Landing). 

The City has planned for years to remove the existing Pier 58 and replace it with a new public park pier including a playground, public plaza and landscaping. To learn more about construction and pier park design, visit