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Park Highlight: Haller Lake Street End

Haller Lake Street End Park

A delightful aspect of living in Seattle is stumbling on the small parks you didn’t know about. With hundreds to discover, they present an enviable challenge: trying to decide which are your favorites.  

One of the tinier treasures is Haller Lake Street End, a petite slice of shoreline in north Seattle. Surrounded by residences on a dead-end street, this compact park is a surprise respite, with a sweet and short winding path providing public access to the west side of the pond. It has two picnic tables, a bench near the water, shade trees, and waterfowl for watching in winter. The lake is also occasionally stocked with trout, so it’s ideal for fishing from this spot. Please be mindful of where you park.

Also, be sure to visit the woodsy Northacres Park with its summer spraypark, playground, athletic fields and off-leash area, just around the corner.