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Woodland Park Garden Battery Dewey Monument Relocation and Remediation Project

Two cannons from the U.S.S. Concord commemorating veterans of the Spanish-American War have been on display in the Woodland Park Garden since 1915. This monument was originally erected as a gift from Spanish-American war veterans.

Parks and Recreation staff have had concerns about the safety of the monument since children are frequently seen using it as play equipment. During a soil test, Parks and Recreation also became aware that the surrounding soil is contaminated with leadpaup.

It is our responsibility to remediate the contaminated soil which will require the removal of the monument. The Veterans Museum in Chehalis, Washington has reached out requesting to have the monument relocated to their facility, so it may be restored and continue to honor and remember those who fought for our country in the Spanish-American war.

This work is scheduled to take place in late May through early June. Fences have been placed around the contaminated area to ensure the safety of park users while we prepare and complete this project.

For questions, please call (206) 684-4075 or email