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Introducing SurvivorQuest Summer Youth Camp


Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Associated Recreation Council are excited to introduce SurvivorQuest Summer Youth Camp, making its debut this summer. This camp introduces youth ages 12-15 to wilderness survival, backpacking skills, first aid, environmental science, and more.

In an effort to individualize education, campers are given the opportunity to build some of the SurvivorQuest curriculum. On the first day of each five-day session, campers and counselors will plan the week’s activities together to incorporate campers’ goals into the planned survival and environmental learning objectives. Not only will they learn survival skills and environmental science, but they will get to choose outdoor skills to focus on for the week.

Another component of this camp is that six of the eight sessions of SurvivorQuest include Camp Long’s 4-H Challenge Course and the famous Schurman Rock for facilitated rock climbing. If you’re not familiar with the history of Schurman Rock, this video is a great place to start. Camp Long’s Challenge Course facilitators follow the principles of Experiential Education, with heavy focus on team-building, communication, decision-making, and accountability.



SurvivorQuest starts the week of July 2nd and runs for eight weeks. Each session lasts five days, Monday through Friday. The camp is held at Camp Long for all five days, except for the weeks of July 16th and 23rd. For those two weeks, campers will only spend Monday at Camp Long for the challenge course before spending the rest of the week at Lincoln Park. Sessions cost $325, with scholarships and sibling discounts available.

Your teen can pioneer this one-of-a-kind camp experience and outfit themselves with skills they can use for camping, climbing, environmental stewardship, and even the inhospitable wilds of high school hallways. For more information or to register your teen, call Camp Long at 206-684-7434.