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Let’s go SKWIM-ing!



Every Friday from 6:45-8:10pm Evans Pools hosts SKWIM!

SKWIM is the “original water-disk sport” gaining popularity worldwide. Played in both shallow and deep water, SKWIM progresses with your ability, from an engaging learn-to-swim game to possibly the most electric, athletic, and entertaining water-sport of all time. If you’re looking for a fun, fast-action water-sport for the whole family, SKWIM might be just right for you! Join the many thousands, ages 5 to 85, that have discovered SKWIM.

SKWIM is quick to learn, offering early and continued success, whether you’re a beginner or advanced swimmer. If new to the water, “Shallow-Pool” SKWIM captivates with exciting disk-interaction and strategic play-making, while teaching you practical water safety skills. If you’re an avid or competitive swimmer, “Deep-Water” and “Open-Water” SKWIM challenges you with explosive hydrodynamics and progressive disk-mastery. It’s amazing to watch, therefore an engaging spectator sport! But you won’t be in your seat long, as SKWIM invites you in to play!

Download the How to Skwim Poster