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Green Lake Park Tree Work

Preventative Maintenance for Public Safety

Green Lake Park tree maintenance work is scheduled to begin the first week of May and continue for several weeks.  For public safety, we will prune 134 trees and remove 35 trees.  We will install cables to help support 6 trees with significant defects (the alternative to cabling these trees would be to remove them).

Of the 35 trees to be removed: 12 are dead; 19 are close to dead; 4 are in better health but have either significant decay in their trunks or structural defects that make them likely to fall and cause damage.

The trees have been assessed by Certified Arborists with Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications.  Care will be taken to ensure that the park will be accessible during tree maintenance, although temporary detours may be necessary in some areas.

The goal of the work is to keep the park safe and accessible for users and to keep the urban forest healthy.  Please contact Deborah Brown McGarry, Seattle Parks and Recreation Arboriculturist at 206-386-1688 or