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Off Leash Area Expansion Study Recommendations to be Shared with the Public at BPRC Meeting February 8th

Since the summer of 2023, SPR staff have led a study to identify suitable park sites for additional OLAs in Seattle. We’d like to thank the overwhelming number of Seattle residents who participated in our online survey and engaged with us in person at community events. Your input and interest in this process is invaluable to SPR and will help shape the future expansion of our OLA system for years to come. SPR staff will be presenting the recommendations of this OLA Expansion Study at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners on February 8th at 6:30PM. You can find the meeting information by visiting this link.

This study, which was launched by looking at 30+ sites across SPR properties, identified 9 sites that passed the threshold criteria for OLAs. In our public engagement, we asked participants to share with us the pros and cons of developing an OLA at each of these 9 sites from their perspective, and to let us know about the existing uses of the site that may be displaced if an OLA is constructed there. The current cycle of the Metropolitan Park District provides SPR with funding for the construction of two new OLAs and the design of a third; from there the department will need to request additional funding to construct and maintain any additional OLAs.  This is in addition to the 3 OLAs that were already in the planning process prior to the launch of this OLA Expansion Study. Below is a map we developed at the start of this study process showing the existing, planned, and potential (studied) OLAs in Seattle.

*Alt-text for map, and location text: 

A map of Seattle showing Existing, Planned and Potential Off-Leash Areas by using green, red and gray dots. Sites already in the planning phase are Georgetown, South Park Community Center and Smith Cove Park. Potential sites studied for a future OLA are as follows: Discovery Park North Parking Lot; East Queen Anne Playground; View Ridge Playfield; Ravenna Park; Powell Barnett Park; West Seattle Stadium; Brighton Playfield; Othello Park; Lincoln Park.

After the study findings have been shared publicly, SPR staff will begin planning for more direct engagement with residents living nearby the selected sites for additional feedback and design of the new OLA.

You can learn more about SPR’s existing OLA system by visiting the Off Leash Area page on our website: Dog Off-Leash Areas & Map – Parks |