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Thank you, Seattle, for an incredible summer season!

Fall is officially here, and with the change in season, we want to take a moment to look back at our incredible summer and shine light on all the ways the community came together to support Healthy People, a Thriving Environment, and Strong Communities!


Beaches & Pools:

  • 130,791 visits to our 6 lifeguarded beaches

  • 180,421 visits to our 6 indoor and 2 outdoor pools.

  • 82,029 visits to our 20 wading pools.

Free Outdoor Swim Lessons:

  • 309 young people participated in free youth swim lessons at beach sites over the summer.

Mobile Recreation:

  • 2,918 people participated in Rec ‘N The Streets, a program that offers mobile playgrounds to the community, at 195 events across 48 parks throughout the city.

Rowing & Sailing Centers:

  • 1,548 people took part in 133 programs at our two small craft centers, including rowing, sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Discovery Park Shuttle Service:

  • 4,788 people enjoyed free rides on the Discovery Park shuttle service between the Visitor Center, the beach, and the north parking lot, which improved access within the large park, reduced traffic congestion, and supported a thriving environment this summer.

Special Events:

  • Mountain Fest: 500+ community members celebrated Mountain Fest on June 24 at Camp Long in West Seattle, participating in rock climbing, ropes courses, naturalist booths, and other outdoor activities.

  • Dancing Til Dusk: 5,530 people joined us for 14 summer evenings of Dancing Til Dusk, enjoying free music, dance lessons, and dancing in downtown parks.  Center City Cinema: 5,730 attendees enjoyed 24 free outdoor movie screenings in Seattle parks.

  • Big Day of Play: 4,200 community members joined us for the Big Day of Play on August 19, a day dedicated to encouraging neighbors, communities, and families to have fun, build relationships and be active together.

Event Permits:

  • 1,803 picnic reservations;
  • 385 outdoor events;
  • 130 ceremonies; and
  • 168 indoor rental permits were issued.

Park Maintenance:

  • 7,206 hours cleaning restrooms.
  • 1,841 hours removing graffiti.
  • 5,257 hours mowing.


  • 2,486 volunteers helped support our parks through a variety of efforts, including planting, weeding, invasive species removal, and trash pickup.