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Seattle Parks and Recreation Water Conservation Efforts 

During this time when our city and residents are being asked to conserve water, we know that it’s particularly important for Seattle Parks and Recreation to do our part.  

Luckily, we’ve prepared for this! We have a water conservation management plan that dictates how we can conserve water depending on the water shortage response level.  

The majority of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s water use is on irrigation (only 6% of our water use goes to pools), and thus that is where we focus our conservation efforts.  

Water conservation efforts we employ year-round: 

  • Remotely controlled irrigation systems are adjusted depending on weather and can immediately detect leaks. 
  • Regular irrigation system checks by staff and expedited repairs when breaks are reported.  
  • New parks and facilities are built with the latest water conservation technology. 

During this Water Shortage Voluntary Reduction, Seattle Parks and Recreation will: 

  • Reduce irrigation for non-high use lawns and most garden beds. 
  • Reduce irrigation within golf courses. 
  • Wash vehicles for health and safety reasons only (including golf carts) 
  • Turn off decorative fountains.  

We must be prudent in deciding how to conserve water during this time as more significant water conservation efforts would likely cause harm to our living assets, reduce public access to parks and amenities, and cost millions to repair. For these reasons, the following water use at park spaces will continue during the voluntary stage of Seattle’s water shortage: 

  • Power-washing restrooms to ensure sanitary access to park restrooms. 
  • Irrigating golf greens, specialty gardens, and newly established landscapes 
  • Supporting our urban forests to preserve their climate change fighting abilities. 
  • Irrigate actively used and destination park lawns, athletic fields, and food-growing gardens in parks. 

If you do spot a leak in a park or recreation facility, please submit a Find It, Fix It request so we can repair it right away.