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Parks Connect Us 

At Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) we create spaces, places, and opportunities for our community to come together. Parks are the “third place” where all people are not just welcome but celebrated. They are places where mobility-challenged kids can still go on a swing, where people who cannot see are able to visit sensory gardens and playgrounds, and where people of all races and gender expressions can swim in a pool. They are places where anyone, regardless of income or status, can kick a ball, climb on a playground, exercise, relax, or read a book in the shade. Public parks are for us all, and they are all our shared responsibility.  

Our interdependence is highlighted in our public parks. Like in all of society, we must share these spaces so that we can all experience the benefits they provide. SPR has athletic fields, playgrounds, spray parks, golf courses, natural areas, community gardens, environmental learning centers, pools, trails, community centers, dog parks, sailing centers, and more. Like our society, public parks are not homogenous, but diverse and vibrant. And this makes our system strong. 

Humanity is also interdependent on nature. SPR stewards natural areas, urban forests, streams, fresh and saltwater shorelines, lakes, wetlands, meadows, and many more habitats. It is our responsibility to ensure the local ecosystems in our parks continue to thrive. We limit pesticides, engage in robust restoration projects, add thousands of native plants and trees, remove noxious weeds, build nesting platforms, and support healthy soil. We do all this not just for the plants, animals, and people of today, but for generations to come. Parks are our legacy. 

SPR’s three pillars are Healthy People, Thriving Environment, and Vibrant Communities. Each of these values is built on the idea of interdependence. One is not separate from the other, but instead supports each and the whole. Each of you is similarly connected to all in our community, and we seek to offer open spaces to foster this connection. We celebrate this time of year with you and hope that you feel welcomed and celebrated in your public parks.