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Next Park District Cycle Offers Exciting Improvements for Queen Anne Community

Previously planned stabilization project delayed, as new plans are made to incorporate the additional funding 

Seattle Parks and Recreation is excited to announce that Queen Anne Community Center has been named to receive additional funding for a major renovation in the next 6-year Park District cycle. The renovation will focus on decarbonization/electrification of the building, infrastructure improvements, and a general ‘refreshing’ to make the building feel new again.   

“Parks and community centers are vital to healthy, thriving communities and provide important opportunities for learning, growth, and leisure,” said Mayor Harrell. “I am excited that these renovations and upgrades to the Queen Anne Community Center will allow more neighbors to access these opportunities.” 

“I am proud to have secured funding for this critical restoration of our deteriorating community center on Queen Anne. I am excited to work with community to shape the future of this regional recreation facility,” said Councilmember Andrew Lewis.

The facility is currently funded for almost $4.5M to complete a stabilization project in 2023 which will have a project duration of 12 months.  In light of this policy direction and in order to decrease disruption to the public, the current stabilization project will be delayed and combined with the major renovation project.  Funding for new work includes $2M for planning available in 2023 plus $16.9M for development in 2025.  It is anticipated that construction may begin in 2025.  

The community center will not close this fall as previously planned for the stabilization project. However, because the stabilization project was nearly begun it will take a few weeks for recreation staff to ramp up programming. Please visit to look for information on programs, and to register.