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Provide input on schematic designs for new park on Capitol Hill

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) invites the community to review the design concept and proposed elements for a new park on Capitol Hill, located at 1125 Harvard Ave E.  Please join us on Saturday, October 15,  2022 starting at 10 a.m. at Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, 1400 East Prospect St., Seattle, 98112. This is an opportunity for the community to learn about the project, provide input on design options and learn about the next steps.

Thank you to everyone who has participated to date. Together with our design team form Karen Kiest Landscape Architects we have incorporated your feedback from the online survey and from the Open House/Meet-n-Greet into a design concept and proposed elements for the future park.

In 1972, Stimson and Kay Bullitt generously gave the 1.6-acre property to the City of Seattle for a future park. SPR would like to acknowledge that this is a unique opportunity for SPR as an agency and for the community. As we move forward with bringing this site into SPR’s inventory, we recognize that there are key factors in transitioning this site from being a private yard and garden to being under public ownership.  We appreciate your input on the survey and invite you to join us as we launch a full, inclusive public engagement process and conversation about the future park design and intent.

SPR has hired Karen Kiest Landscape Architecture to lead the community engagement, visioning, and design process for the new park. The first phase of this project includes engaging with the community in developing concept level/early design plans for the public park.

Final product of this initial phase will include:

  • Establishing a vision for the park
  • Concept/early schematic design for the park
  • Rough order of magnitude cost estimate for possible inclusion in the next round of the Seattle Park District funding

For more information please visit 1125 Harvard Avenue East – Parks | or if you have additional questions contact Susanne Rockwell at