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Read our 2022-2024 Action Plan

Click to read Seattle Parks and Recreation’s 2022-2024 Action Plan Executive Summary and Detailed Action Plan, a roadmap for short-term implementation of priorities in SPR’s 2020-2032 Strategic Plan.


In 2018-2019, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) connected with community and partners on a strategic planning process to seek input on our challenges, successes, who we are serving, and who we are missing. The result of this two-year planning effort is SPR’s 2020-2032 Strategic Plan

After release of the Strategic Plan in March 2020, SPR paused implementation efforts to pivot toward joining the region-wide emergency pandemic response. Since that time, Seattle has experienced dramatic disruption: a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, a reckoning with our racist past and present, economic downturn, and increasing impacts of climate change.  

To support the community in response to these crises, in 2021 SPR engaged  with communities we serve about how their needs have shifted to help shape our short-term budget priorities and operations. We sought to refine our understanding of community needs and priorities, particularly for communities who were disproportionately impacted by these crises. We connected with community through:

  • An online open house and survey – including translated options 
  • SPR leadership listening sessions with community organizations  
  • Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners listening sessions with other City Boards and Commissions 
  • In-person outreach and conversations – including in-language – at popular parks and community events  
  • A mix of connections with participants in our programs, visitors to our facilities, at existing outreach events for capital projects, and more!  

2022-2024 Action Plan

The outcome of this planning effort is SPR’s 2022-2024 Action Plan, which identifies areas of focus and specific implementation steps that advance many of the long-range strategic priorities outlined in the 2020-2032 Strategic Plan. SPR plans to revisit and update the annual benchmarks in this Action Plan each year, and report on accomplishments as part of our annual reporting process.

Read the Action Plan Executive Summary and Detailed Action Plan.