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Green Lake Park Inner Loop

If you’ve visited Green Lake Park recently, you may have noticed some new signage announcing “Pedestrian Use Only – No Wheels” on the inner loop.  

This long-term temporary use restriction, which restricts all bicycles and other wheeled uses from the Green Lake Park inner loop (strollers and mobility devices are allowed), is intended to create more space for path users on this high use trail and to provide more time for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to complete their design process and coordinate the construction timeline for creating a complete outer loop around Green Lake with protected access for bikers and pedestrians. More information about the Green Lake Outer Loop project is available here.    

As part of its outreach on the outer loop project, SDOT launched an online survey to gather community feedback and to better understand community values, what is working, and what could be different about getting around Green Lake. Their survey included a series of questions on the inner loop (see questions 10, 11, 12). A summary of feedback from 4,534 total responses can be found here

The Board of Park Commissioners held a public hearing and vote on this long-term temporary use restriction on October 28, 2021. The Board will revisit this topic, hear an update on SDOT’s work, and provide advice to the Superintendent about potential paths forward at an upcoming public meeting this summer, likely in June (see upcoming meeting agendas here). 

Want to provide feedback? 

Feedback on this issue is encouraged! Community members can send comments about the inner loop to, attend the Board of Park Commissioners meeting on this topic this summer, or attend any of our monthly Board meetings (even if Green Lake is not on the agenda) to provide feedback during the Public Comment section.  

Feedback on SDOT’s outer loop project can be directed to   

A walking path around Green Lake surrounded by trees and grass. A sign by the side of the trail reads "Pedestrian Use Only, No Wheels"Only