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Playground design finalized for Pier 58

Thank you to all the kids and community members that helped us create the design of a new playground for Pier 58 on Seattle’s waterfront (website also available in ChineseSpanish and Somali).

Playground featuring an 18-foot jellyfish-inspired climbing structure and slide, surrounded by smaller climbing and swinging features and poles meant to look like kelp.

This future playground is about the size of a basketball court and includes play elements for all ages and mobilities, including an 18-foot, jellyfish-inspired climbing structure and slide with rolling tentacles, a multitude of other climbing and swinging features, and tall kelp-like poles completing the underwater theme. Construction of the new Pier 58 will begin in late 2022 and take about two years to complete.

Seating and lean rails will be available around the playground so parents and guardians can relax and watch their kids play safely. The final design draws on an extensive feedback process, including two online open houses and a child-friendly online survey using images of themes and play equipment types.

Hundreds of people, including many children, shared their ideas. The final design incorporates enthusiasm for a sculpturesque playground that is entertaining to all ages, is visually striking, and accessible to different mobility needs.

There will also be areas on the pier for visitors to relax under a shaded tree grove, enjoy views of the waterfront and the city from an elevated lawn, and participate in performances and events held by the Friends of Waterfront Seattle on the plaza.

The City is also adding a new all gender public restroom on the promenade across from the new Pier 58. The restroom is being designed to be a safe, inviting, accessible, and clean space for everyone.

Learn more about the new Pier 58, playground and restroom at

A small building alongside the promenade walking space with two large openings in transparent wooden slats leading to individual restroom stalls with doors.
The new restroom is designed with safety and accessibility in mind.