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Youth Basketball Games Update

Seattle Parks and Recreation will hold basketball games this weekend. As we work to keep everyone healthy, we ask that you please keep in mind the following as you consider your child’s participation this weekend:

  • Please keep your player home if they are sick.
  • Please have any family member who is sick stay home.
  • If you or any family members who plan to attend are in a high-risk group for contracting illness (i.e. over 60, or have an underlying health condition) please stay home.
  • We are also asking that we minimize congregation so please keep your child’s fan club small (only 1-2 fans), arrive only in time for your child’s game and/or wait in your car until your child’s game time. We ask that you only attend your child’s game to minimize crowd size.

We know that these events are important to you and your family, but we want everyone to stay healthy. If some members of your family are not able to attend, you can always videotape the game and send it to loved ones.

Finally, as always, please practice good hygiene by asking all members of your family to wash their hands before entering the gym, and wash hands again as you leave.

Thank you for your support and understanding!