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Ideas for Fall Fun!

The weather may be getting cooler, but we have plenty of ways to help you resist the urge to hibernate until spring! Check out our ideas for fun fall get-togethers below:

Host a Neighborhood Soup Swap

Invite your neighbors and friends to come together and bring a delicious soup to share. This event is a great way to stock up your freezer with cool weather favorites while sharing food and fun with friends. Host a soup swap at your local community center (call them to reserve a room).

Here’s how a soup swap works: each person cooks a large quantity of soup that they split into several containers. At the party, guests trade soups and each person goes home with a variety to freeze and reheat throughout the fall. Bonus! The host can make a soup that the group can enjoy at the party!

Celebrate your toddler’s birthday with a puddle stomping party!

Don’t be afraid to celebrate a birthday in a picnic shelter at your favorite park during the fall. The wetter the weather, the better for this party idea! Encourage families to dress their little ones warmly and in rain boots. Guests can enjoy snacks and birthday treats under a picnic shelter, and then venture out to find some fun puddles to splash in. Grab a little mud and some old paint brushes for the kids and watch their inner artist shine. A quintessential northwest party!

Host the best Thanksgiving EVER!

Is Thanksgiving getting too big for your house? We’ve got you covered! Reserve one of our amazing event spaces, such as Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Pritchard Beach Bathhouse, or others. This year, you can invite family AND friends by holding your Thanksgiving feast at a beautiful park and recreation space. Enjoy picturesque views and stunning after-meal walks by hosting your event in one of Seattle’s famous parks.