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Celebrate National Public Lands Day with Seattle Parks and Recreation!

The 25th Annual National Public Lands Day is happening on Sept. 22, 2018

National Public Lands Day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of public lands at all levels of government, and to fostering connections between people and the green spaces in their community.

This year’s event will be held on Sept. 22 and Seattle Parks and Recreation is celebrating by partnering with a variety of organizations to host volunteer forest restoration activities at local parks, urban forests, and other natural areas around the city.

Sign up below for an event in your neighborhood; volunteer activities include gardening, trail repair, mulching, cleanup, planting, weeding, invasive species removal, and much more.

Equinox (almost) work party
September 22, 10am-1pm @ Ravenna Park
Pull invasive plants. It’s time to create space for winter planting and get the morning glory before it stores all that energy in its roots. more

Kubota Gardens Weeding with EarthCorps
September 22, 10am-2pm @ Kubota Gardens Natural Area. more

Lower Colman Park Restoration Event
September 22, 10am-1pm @ Colman Park
With the heat of summer diminishing, join us in the lush growth of the lower region of Colman Park as we continue to reclaim the area from overgrowth of invasive plants like Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy, Holly, Laurel and other non-native plants. Our goal is to uncover existing native plants and trees of these invasives to allow them to flourish and to add to the planting pallet this Fall. Come and see what an urban environment becomes without care and what it can be as we progress with the restoration work. Your volunteer efforts will help us maintain a beautiful urban forested area for all to enjoy. more

Magnuson Reforestation City Quest
September 22, 10:30am-2pm @ Warren G. Magnuson Park
Help create and improve thriving forest habitat on what was once a denuded and sterile navy airfield. This project will maintain past plantings and prepare for future planting. It will create healthy forest habitat and increase beneficial ecosystem services including provision of human enjoyment and health. It is also an opportunity to enjoy nature and learn a bit about native plants while doing satisfying work. more

Saturday Work at Meadowbrook
September 22, 9am-12pm @ Meadowbrook Playfield
There is work to be done to keep the Meadowbrook Creek looking good. Invasive plants are creeping in, and volunteers are needed to help defend this beautiful natural area. Join neighbors and friends to help out and learn a lot! more

Seattle Pacific University CityQuest
September 22, 10am-2:30pm @ Cheasty Greenspace: Mt View. more

SPU Incoming Class Day of Service
September 22, 10am-2pm @ Discovery Park
This will be a chance for incoming SPU students to contribute to a restoration project in Seattle’s largest open space park in an area that has been undergoing active restoration by hundreds of volunteers for over twenty years. At this time of year we begin the removal of invasive plants in anticipation of fall rains and a new planting season. more

SPU restoration event
September 22, 11am-2pm @ Seward Park
Mulching newly weeded areas more

Thorndyke Park invasive plant removal
September 22, 9am-1pm @ Thorndyke Park
There is work to be done to reclaim Thorndyke forest in Thorndyke Park. Invasive plants have taken over, and volunteers are needed to help defend this beautiful natural area. Join neighbors and friends to help out and learn a lot! more

West Duwamish GS: Riverview
September 22, 10am-2pm @ West Duwamish GS: Riverview