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Park Highlight: Myrtle Edwards Park

Just north of Belltown, meandering along the waterfront, you’ll find Myrtle Edwards Park. Bookended by striking sculptures, this park has 1.25-miles of winding bike and pedestrian paths that run along Elliott Bay. The park is known for its fantastic views of the Olympics Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Puget Sound. The lucky visitor might even spot an eagle or heron. With easy access from downtown and bike path connections to Magnolia, this park is a picturesque getaway near the heart of downtown.

The park was renamed in 1976 for Myrtle Edwards, a former Seattle City Council member. Ms. Edwards and her husband moved to Seattle during World War II and she quickly became involved in public life. She received a second Bachelors degree in political science and public administation from the University of Washington and was active in many organizations, including the American Association of University Women, the Municipal League, Business and Professional Women, Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls, and the League of Women Voters where she served as president.

Myrtle Edwards was a member of the Audubon Society and was a leader in Seattle Beautiful Inc., who named her Citizen of the Year. She was a passionate advocate for public parks, greenery, and neighborhood improvement programs. She served on the Seattle City Council starting in 1955 and was elected president of the council in early 1969. She served as president until her untimely death just a few months later in August 1969.

In her lifetime, Ms. Edwards contributed much to the enhancement of our city and the communities that call it home. It is only fitting that such a strikingly beautiful park bear her name and legacy.