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Big-Brained Super Heroes take a field trip to Carkeek Park


This winter, 27 Big-Brained Super Heroes took a field trip to Carkeek Park to explore for the day. Big-Brained Super Heroes (BBSH) is an afterschool program at Yesler Community Center that motivates children in the Yesler community to participate in science, technology, engineering, art and math projects. The Environmental Learning unit of Seattle Parks and Recreation has been partnering with BBSH since April 2017.

Seattle Parks and Recreation volunteers were on-hand to teach the youth about Pacific salmon, the life cycle, and their role in protecting the salmon. Children were given waterproof iPods to capture over 700 photos and videos of their experience. Here are just a few of the photos the kids captured during their day of exploration.



BBSH staff believe that when you nurture youth and give them trust and space to explore, they will indulge in their curiosity and engage with the world around them in a deeper way. The BBSH program supports all three elements of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s mission by giving youth time to run around outdoors, teaching them how to be mindful environmental stewards, and helping them to forge new friendships by making lifelong memories together.