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Seattle Parks and Recreation launches seven Pickleball pilot sites and provides Pickleball equipment at five sites

Seattle Parks and Recreation(SPR) is committed to listening to the community and delivering new opportunities for play and recreation that will serve Seattle’s growing population. As a response to input received from the community, Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Planning and Development Division is leading a one-year pickleball pilot project. We recently completed the lining of multiple tennis court sites for pickleball and are supplying the pickleball equipment at several of the locations throughout Seattle.

All locations with lined pickleball courts are joint use sites for both tennis and pickleball, and no changes have been made to the tennis court nets at any of the sites. The tennis court sites selected are based on demand for more pickleball and the following feasibility criteria: accessibility, current court use, existing court conditions, and equitable distribution.

The following courts are lined for pickleball:

  • South Park Community Center, 1 tennis court lined with 2 pickleball courts, in south-west district
  • Georgetown Playfield, 1 tennis court lined with 4 pickleball courts in south-central district
  • Delridge Community Center, 2 tennis courts lined with 4 pickleball courts in south-west district
  • Discovery Park Court, 2 tennis courts lined with 4 pickleball courts in central-west district
  • Miller Community Center, 2 tennis courts lined with 4 pickleball courts in central-east district
  • Soundview Playfield, 2 tennis courts lined with 4 pickleball courts in north-west district
  • Green Lake Park, 1 tennis court lined with 2 pickleball courts in central-north district

For anyone interested in playing pickleball, equipment can be checked out at South Park, Delridge, Miller and Green Lake Community Centers, and Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center. To assure access to equipment please check with the facility for operation hours and equipment availability. Both tennis players and pickleball players can attain a court upon arrival at Soundview Playfield, Delridge Playfield, Miller Playfield and Green Lake Park courts by making a court reservation. Reservations can be made through the Amy Yee Tennis Center (206) 684-4764 and a small fee will be charged. For reservation information visit

Pickleball courts can also be found at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, Kinnear Park and Observatory Courts.

For questions or to comment on this pilot project please email