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“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow”

If Punxsutawney Phil and the upcoming weather forecast are any indication, we still have a while before it starts to feel like spring in Seattle.

While indoor play on a soggy February day sounds nice, it is the joyful challenge of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning Unit to find pleasure in the puddles, creativity in the cold, and fun in the phenological changes of our natural world as we move towards spring.

Our environmental learning programs run year round; in order to keep our participants happy, engaged, and excited in the outdoors, we facilitate high quality experiences using high quality materials and gear.

This year we found amazing support in great businesses that have generously donated (or provided at a discount) goods that will allow us to fully experience and celebrate not only Seattle’s transition from winter to spring, but all of our beautiful seasons.


Instead of avoiding puddles, Roxhill Elementary students play in them while participating in Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Explore Roxhill Bog program. Photo Credit: Elaine Chuang

Thank you to Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply for keeping our toes warm, dry and comfy! Our feet are now truly all-terrain vehicles in our new XtraTuf’s!


Roxhill Elementary students make use of their Rite-in-the-Rain journals to practice recording and questioning with Environmental Educator, Devin O’Reilly. Photo Credit: Beth Mahrt

Thank you to Rite-in-the-Rain for a donation and discount on these amazing all-weather journals. Roxhill Elementary students will use them in rain, sleet, snow, and sun to improve literacy skills, record observations, and conduct field investigations in Roxhill Park’s bog.


Who doesn’t love seeing the bright green and magenta of the Anna’s Hummingbird?

Thank you to Eagle Optics for providing us with binoculars too so we may see some our favorite Seattle birds up close.

What excellent additions to our programming! Thank you for your generosity and support.