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Get Moving program helps Seattle residents burn more than 3,000,000 calories!

Our Get Moving program, funded by the Seattle Park District, works to increase participation and opportunities for physical activities, prioritizing neighborhoods where health disparities are prevalent.

Get Moving provides grants to programs that provide free, culturally relevant programming to reach historically underserved populations. As part of the 2016 grant cycle, 14 programs received funding to provide both exercise opportunities and a connection to a cultural practice at locations across Seattle.

Before the start of the program, 21% of surveyed Get Moving participants reported low or no physical exercise. After joining, 75% of participants reported they would continue to exercise after the Get Moving program.

Get Moving awardees have:

  • Provided more than 600 hours of scheduled programming.
  • Had more than 3,500 people attended a class or activity.
  • Helped Seattle residents burn more than 3,000,000 calories (more than 850 pounds!).

Father and Sons Together


Father and Sons Together (FAST) is a Get Moving grantee whose participants are largely people of color (88% Black; 6% Asian; 3% Hispanic). FAST provides positive and safe activities for Fathers/Sons in Southeast Seattle. This program seeks to help strengthen the Father/Son relationship, replace hopelessness with hope and inspire leadership through recreation activities. FAST has served more than 300 people and has hosted several community events, including a Fishing Day of Play, Empowerment Baseball Camp, Walk for Change & Family Day of Play, Overnight Camp at Camp Long, and Empowerment Basketball Camp.

“Some of the challenge courses, wall climb, and the rock climbing challenges were difficult but I didn’t give up. I kept going because of the encouragement my father along with all of the other fathers/sons were giving me. I learned that I am never alone.” Donald, a youth participant.

Lao Women Association of Washington


The Lao Women Association of Washington has held eight Get Moving-funded classes, teaching a variety of dance styles to community members including traditional Lao dance, Zumba and Cha Cha. The Association helps participants increase physical activity and mental well-being. Lao dance helps to boost mood and energy, reduce stress and increases self-image and confidence. Several participants reported weight loss attributed to this Get Moving-supported program, and 100% of program participants reported that they were “very satisfied” with the program.

Young Women Empowered


Through the Get Moving program, Young Women Empowered served a small but diverse group of people (44% Black; 12% African; 16% Hispanic; 8% Filipino; 8% Multiethnic). This group provided dance classes to more than 50 girls and women ages 12 to 50+. Young Women Empowered hosted eight dance classes, enabling participants to move creatively and joyfully. The program also helped to ignite participants’ passion for dance while exploring the rich cultures of the African Diaspora. Participants reported the lowest levels of pre-program exercise out of all the Get Moving grantees. Only 23% of participants reported exercising once a week or less before the beginning of the program.