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Park District Oversight Committee to hold hearing on Major Projects Challenge Fund Initiative

The Park District Oversight Committee will host a public hearing on Tuesday, August 16 to take comments on Major Projects Challenge Fund proposals. The public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Kenneth R. Bounds Board Room at Seattle Parks and Recreation Headquarters (100 Dexter Ave. N).

The purpose of the Major Projects Challenge Fund is to provide a funding match to fund a “major project” on Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) property. The Major Projects Challenge Fund will provide City funding to leverage community-generated funding for renovation of parks and park facilities where other City funding is unavailable.

A “major project” is a significant improvement or renovation to an existing SPR-owned site or facility. It should significantly expand the life and usability of the facility. The combination of Major Projects Challenge Fund money and community-generated money will allow for major projects to be accomplished throughout the city.

The Park District Oversight Committee will meet regarding the Major Projects Challenge Fund in July, August and September of 2016.

Those who would like to give input but are unable to attend the meeting may submit their feedback in writing. Please email comments and feedback to by September 2, 2016.

All interested community members are encouraged to attend the Tuesday, August 16 public hearing for the Major Projects Challenge Fund.

The Park District Oversight Committee is a 15-member community advisory board, serving three-year terms. It consists of four members from the Board of Park Commissioners, seven members – one from each Council district, and four members on recommendation from City commissions. All member appointments are confirmed by the City Council. The Mayor appoints the Chair of the committee. The Committee typically meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Please see the Committee’s meeting schedule at: