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Teens help seniors become tech-savvy

A Cyber Senior mentor and graduate at graduation.

A Cyber Senior mentor and graduate at graduation.

In December 2015, Seattle Parks and Recreation, in partnership with Group Health and Ageis Living, hosted its first graduation for tech-savvy seniors.

Cyber Seniors Graduation

This year, Group Health and Ageis Living approached Seattle Parks and Recreation to help launch the Cyber Seniors program aiming to bridge the generation gap when it comes to technology education. Teens at Garfield Teen Life Center mentored seniors on how to use a computer or smart device independently. The program empowered students and provided seniors with tools to safely engage online and interact with peers and family. At the end of the six-week program, the seniors were able to send emails, complete Google searches, Skype, text, use Facebook and many other applications and the youth experienced being valuable leaders in their community.

The Cyber Seniors program will hold additional sessions in 2016. For more information, please call Garfield Teen Life Center at 206-684-4550.