Seattle Parks and Recreation acquires land to expand Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) purchased a 4,400 sq. ft. property at 4451 33rd Ave. W, expanding Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park in January 2017. The Seattle Park District provided $158,000 for the acquisition of this parcel which SPR has been trying to purchase since the mid-1990’s.

This property expands the protection of Kiwanis Ravine, which provides significant open space benefits including DSC06173wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and a buffer between the industrial and residential land-use. The Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park was once the home to the largest heron colony in the northwest. In May, 2013 due to extreme eagle predation, the Kiwanis Ravine heron colony moved to Commodore Park. For more information or to volunteer with Heron Habitat Helpers, visit

This is the first purchase funded by the Seattle Park District. Approved by Seattle voters in 2014, the Seattle Park District provides more than $47 million a year in long-term funding for Seattle Parks and Recreation including maintenance of parklands and facilities, operation of community centers and recreation programs, and development of new neighborhood parks on previously acquired sites.

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Parks and Partners To Celebrate First City Wildlife Sanctuary

Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Heron Habitat Helpers (HHH), and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) invite the public to attend the official opening of Parks’ first wildlife sanctuary at Kiwanis Ravine from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at the Discovery Park Visitor Center, 3801 W Government Way. 

The first group to step up for a wildlife sanctuary nomination is Heron Habitat Helpers, a local organization committed to the preservation of the Great Blue Heron colony in Kiwanis Ravine. HHH’s goals are to preserve the colony, control invasive plant species, and create a backyard monitoring program in the adjacent neighborhood. For more information on HHH, please see

Kiwanis Ravine, located on W Government Way between 35th Ave. W and Brygger Ave. W., is home to a broad diversity of wildlife, including the largest Great Blue Heron colony in Seattle. 

The site is now recognized under Parks’ Wildlife Sanctuary Program. With the public’s help, Parks is identifying and protecting critical urban wildlife habitat in Seattle for Washington State’s most vulnerable species. Parks’ Wildlife Sanctuary Policy articulates Parks’ commitment to sustain habitats for a wide variety of wildlife and outlines steps Parks will take to create and manage wildlife sanctuaries for these species:

  • Local populations of federally endangered or threatened species
  • State Priority Species and Species of Concern
  • Locally important species with declining populations.  

The program goal is to promote the value of healthy and diverse urban wildlife populations by working with the community to combine planning efforts, maintenance practices, educational opportunities, and volunteer stewardship to support our Wildlife Sanctuaries.