Seattle Parks and Recreation acquires land to expand Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) purchased a 4,400 sq. ft. property at 4451 33rd Ave. W, expanding Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park in January 2017. The Seattle Park District provided $158,000 for the acquisition of this parcel which SPR has been trying to purchase since the mid-1990’s.

This property expands the protection of Kiwanis Ravine, which provides significant open space benefits including DSC06173wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and a buffer between the industrial and residential land-use. The Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park was once the home to the largest heron colony in the northwest. In May, 2013 due to extreme eagle predation, the Kiwanis Ravine heron colony moved to Commodore Park. For more information or to volunteer with Heron Habitat Helpers, visit

This is the first purchase funded by the Seattle Park District. Approved by Seattle voters in 2014, the Seattle Park District provides more than $47 million a year in long-term funding for Seattle Parks and Recreation including maintenance of parklands and facilities, operation of community centers and recreation programs, and development of new neighborhood parks on previously acquired sites.

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Seattle Parks and Recreation invites community to provide input on proposed acquisition and expansion of Cove Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) invites the community to learn about the opportunity to expand Cove Park through a land swap with King County. SPR is hosting a public meeting on Tues., May 24, 2016 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Emerald Room in Hall at Fauntleroy, 9131 California Ave. SW. This is an opportunity for the community to learn about the project and provide input.

Seattle Parks and Recreation planner Chip Nevins will present the proposal, answer questions and gather community input about the proposed trade. The property, 8923 Fauntleroy Way SW with 35 feet of beach front, is immediately to the north of Cove Park in West Seattle. It lies just to the north of the Fauntleroy Ferry dock.

In 2015, the King County Wastewater Treatment Division finished the upgrade to the Barton Pump Station, next to the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, to accommodate West Seattle’s growing population. As part of the construction of the new pump station, King County acquired the property just to the north of SW Barton Street, which was used as their temporary construction offices. Now that the project is finished, King County no longer needs the property and is proposing to trade it to the City in exchange for the vacation of the portion of the SW Barton Street right-of-way where the pump station is constructed.

Chip Nevins presented this idea to the Fauntleroy Community Association in April. SPR encourages the community to come to the May 24 meeting and learn about proposal. If you have questions please contact Chip Nevins at or 206-233-3879

Parking Lot to Close on Capitol Hill to Make Way for New Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation will permanently close the parking lot at 200 Summit Ave E. on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 3 p.m. to begin development of the new park for the west side of Capitol Hill. Construction fencing will be erected around the park on today, March 25, and will the area will be closed fully closed to vehicles on Friday at 3 p.m. 

The City purchased the .21-acre property in January of 2007 with funding from the 2000 Pro Parks Levy. At the time the City purchased the property, an agreement was put in place that allowed Diamond Parking Services to continue to manage the lot until the property became developed into a park. 

On March 24, Seattle Parks opened construction bids for the project, which will develop the lot into a community park with trees, plantings, a lawn, a picnic table, seating areas, terraced walkway and P-patch gardens. The low bidder will be awarded the construction bid in the coming weeks. Construction is anticipated to begin in early April, with a fall 2010 completion. 

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or contact Kelly Davidson,  project manager at 206-684-0998 or

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