Seattle Parks and Recreation’s fountains, sprayparks, summer beaches, wading pools and outdoor pool operations – all those splashy, fun signs of summer – are winding down after a fantastic summer season

With Seattle Park and Recreation’s nine sprayparks, including three new recirculating spraypark destinations, 15 wading pools, nine summer beaches and two outdoor pools, people have enjoyed a lot of opportunities for fun in the water and sun this year!

As families head back to school, Parks’ ornamental water fountains, including at Freeway Park, Lake Union Park, Westlake Park, and Waterfront Park, will be shut down shortly after Labor Day. This will conserve water resources and reduce utility costs. Small steps like this help Parks to be a good steward of valuable environmental resources, and promote sustainable ways of operating.

Three new recirculating water sprayparks opened this year at Northacres Park, Georgetown Playfield and Beacon Mountain at Jefferson Park. Thanks to the support of Seattle voters, these projects were made possible through the Parks and Green Spaces Levy. They have had been extremely popular! By using recirculating equipment, they are saving significant water compared to the former wading pools at those locations. Parks crews have resolved early glitches, and we anticipate a trouble-free summer in 2013. At Northacres Park, water use looks on track to be about half of what was formerly used to supply the wading pool. Some spraypark play features such as the tipping buckets and water cannons must be removed for winter storage, but will return in time for next summer’s fun!

Locations and scheduled closure dates are:

Wading Pools

Already closed

Bitter Lake, Cal Anderson, Dahl, Delridge, East Queen Anne, Hiawatha, Magnuson, Powell Barnett, Soundview, South Park, Wallingford

Last day Monday September 3

Green Lake, Lincoln, Van Asselt, Volunteer


Last day Monday September 3

Beacon Mountain at Jefferson Park, Georgetown, John C. Little, Lower Judkins, Northacres, and Pratt

Last day Sunday September 15

Lake Union Park


Last day Monday October 15

Ballard Commons and Miller Community Center


Summer Beaches

Already closed

Magnuson, East Green Lake, Madrona, Prichard

Last day Monday September 3

Matthews Beach, West Green Lake, Madison, Mount Baker, Seward

Outdoor Pools

Mounger Pool: Last day is Sunday September 9

Colman Pool: Last day for daily operation is Monday September 3. The pool is open Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9, and Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16.






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