Historic Clark Schurman painting on display at Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long

A generous donation by West Seattle framer Kay Rood has made possible the framing of a large Clark Schurman painting of Mt. Rainier for display at Camp Long.

In 2006, Clark Schurman’s granddaughter, Laura Reason, donated the painting for Camp Long’s 65th Anniversary. Finally it will be on display in the main lodge of this city-owned park just in time for the Arts-in-Nature Festival (http://www.naturec.org/arts-in-nature-festival/). Seven other paintings capturing Schurman’s beloved mountains will be on display Saturday and Sunday in the alcove adjoining the main room. 

“He was a natural-born artist and he loved mountains,” said Dee Molenaar, a painter and mapmaker who met Schurman in 1939.

Schurman, known as “The Chief,” was the chief guide from 1938 to 1941 at Paradise, a popular high point on Mount Rainier. As a climber, he sketched and painted his journeys into a book published by The Mountaineers in 1939.

“Working for Clark Schurman, I gained empathy for The Mountain, said Molenaar, “and today I usually conclude my slide shows covering my years on Mount Rainier with Schurman’s favorite poem (1939):

Last campfires never die,
And you and I on separate ways
to Life’s December,
Will dream by this last fire,
and have This Mountain to remember.” 

Camp Long, located at 5200 35th Avenue SW, one of Seattle’s best kept secrets, is a 68-acre park that offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy nature, hike in the forest, camp overnight in rustic cabins, rock climb, and learn about natural history. Please call 206-684-7434 for more information. For more information, please go to http://www.seattle.gov/parks/environment/camplong.htm.

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