Seattle Seahawks Donate Fitness Room to Garfield Teen Life Center

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The Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Parks and Recreation opened a fitness center at the Garfield Teen Life Center today.  The new “Seahawks PLAY 60 Youth Fitness Zone” will provide access to quality fitness equipment and programs to local youth in order to help them obtain 60 minutes of physical activity per day. 

“We are excited to partner with two organizations that are committed to providing the resources and expertise to help our youth achieve their goals both on and off the playing field,” said Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin.  

A key component to the partnership is a contract with the Austin Foundation to provide dedicated fitness trainers to support the program and monitor the participant’s progress through the existing Garfield Teen Life Centers health and fitness programs. With the support of this donation, Seattle Park’s Teen Express Fitness Program will now operate in the center. 

The Seattle Park’s Teen Express Fitness programs focus on exercise routines that engage teens and encourage them to make safe and healthy decisions. These programs also stress family participation by hosting monthly demonstrations on fitness and nutrition.  Area youths will be able to register each quarter for a three month fitness program free of charge. 

The Austin Foundation provides coaching to youth in cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength training and nutrition. This model allows each student to undergo a positive physical transformation that can carry over into other areas of his or her life. By focusing on individual fitness, each participant develops a sustainable set of skills and motivation to make healthy choices. 

“Teaching youth the value of health and fitness is a core goal of our Healthy Parks, Healthy You initiative,” said Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent. “We need solid allies in the private sector to help us achieve that objective. We have found that in the Seattle Seahawks football team.” 

The Garfield Teen Life Center, in Seattle’s Central Area, is well-known for its unique and diverse programs for youth 14 to 17 years old. The facilities include a music studio, technology lab, basketball gym, full kitchen, multi-purpose room – and now a fully outfitted fitness center. The center hosts the Teen Late Night program, which provides a safe place for teens to hang out between the hours of 7 p.m. and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Activities include flag football, basketball, dodgeball, movies, cooking classes, martial arts, dancing, the lyricist lounge, and lots of games. 

About Seahawks PLAY 60

PLAY 60, part of the NFL Movement for an Active and Healthy Generation, is a national youth and fitness campaign focused on increasing the wellness of today’s youth by encouraging them to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. The Seattle Seahawks are dedicated to helping kids be active and healthy by giving them the necessary tools, access and encouragement to PLAY 60 minutes every day. Since the campaign launch in October 2001, the NFL has dedicated over $200 million to youth health and wellness through NFL PLAY 60.

About Healthy Parks/Healthy You

A city-wide initiative designed to promote physical activity and wellness programs that serve a diverse community. Seattle Parks and Recreation is dedicated to help all community members find opportunities to achieve a minimum 30 minutes of moderate exercise with trails, playgrounds, gyms, pools, fitness classes, athletic fields, beaches and more. 

About Garfield Teen Life Center

The Garfield Teen Life Center (GTLC), co-located with Garfield Community Center and Playfield and Medgar Evers Pool, is minutes from downtown Seattle and Qwest Field. Situated on the historic Garfield High School Campus, the Garfield Teen Life Center is an afterschool recreation center dedicated to serving the community’s middle and high school students. The GTLC hosts more than 20,280 visits annually and averages a daily attendance of more than 60 teens per day. The center offers a variety of free and low cost programs for youth.

About Austin Foundation

The Austin Foundation’s mission is to transform lives by providing accessible interactive opportunities for young people to experience the benefits of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our focus is to provide health fitness activities and nutritional information to youth and families in underserved neighborhoods. 

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